Engine tuning – how 420i changed to 430i

2 years, 4 months ago Pasi

We had the first meeting with CT Tuning guys at the Eximap office roughly a year ago. Already then I found the idea of car engine optimisation intriguing, but it was disappointing to learn that the car I had back then (BMW 325 Cia) could only get 16 BHP more. The reason was the naturally aspirated 6-cylinder engine of the car.

Then I got a new car in September 2016. The new car is BMW 420i (2016) and soon after I got the keys I checked from CT Tuning web site what engine optimisation can do for this car. When I saw that the Stage 2 optimisation would increase raise the maximum power from 184 BHP to 245 BHP, it was clear to me that I must do this. At the same time the maximum torque increases from 290 nm to 350 nm. The reason why optimisation changes performance significantly is the turbo charged engine.

In January I found time to take my car to CT Tuning in Tampere. The fact that CT Tuning had a marketing campaign in AutoMopus service at the time naturally helped in decision making. It was really interesting to watch when Petri from CT Tuning did the engine optimisation. There was more mechanical work than I anticipated but the actual software update went through quickly.

The end result turned out be very good. Especially the increased amount of torque has made driving extremely easy. In practise I can use the “Eco Pro” setting of BMW all the time. Before the optimisation the car felt bit lazy. In fact my car has now the performance of the significantly more expensive 430i model. I have been following up the fuel consumption and it seems that the improved performance has not caused higher fuel consumption.

Based on my experience, I can warmly recommend CT Tuning’s engine optimisation to the owners of turbocharged gasoline or diesel cars.

Current rating: 4.1